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Lead Magnet Tool Kit

Lead Magnet Tool Kit

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Use this Lead Magnet Tool-Kit to create a downloadable PDF document to share with your audience. This Lead Magnet Toolkit Template is perfect for coaches, course creators, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs looking to build their email list by offering their audience a "freebie" for an email sign-up.

Inside this Canva template, expect to find 70 well-thought-out and designed pages to help you easily create your professional-looking PDF lead magnet to help you showcase your step-by-step process to your potential clients or audience.

Need to make changes to suit your branding and design? No problem! Use this template as a starting point, and then change your fonts, colors, and images to make them your own.

These E-book Templates were made using Canva and include 70 unique pages:

6 Cover pages
3 Welcome/about pages
5 Content pages
3 Cheatsheets
5 Call-to-action/offer pages
4 Checklists
2 Testimonial pages
6 Tips/hacks/steps / How-to pages
2 Timelines
2 Resources/references
3 Challenges
1 Video promo
1 Chart
1 Diagram
1 Chapter cover
1 What to expect / overview
9 Worksheets
1 Questionnaire
1 Quiz
1 Bonus page
3 Planners
1 Habit tracker
3 Thank you pages
1 Notes page
1 Copyright disclaimer page


Once you have purchased your toolkit, you will receive instructions via email on how to access your templates.

Step 1: Purchase the Listing
Step 2: Download your PDF.
Step 3: Open the PDF and click the template link
Step 4: Log in to Canva or Sign up
Step 3: Edit, Save, and Download.

NOTE: Your templates do not come with the images shown in the preview photos. Please choose photos relevant to your business and customize them to your liking, or shop our stock Photos 

You can access Canva’s photo library or use images from Pexels or Unsplash.


This toolkit is perfect for anybody who runs a service-based business, bloggers, course creators, and online creatives. 

Due to the digital nature of our products, please note we cannot accept returns or offer refunds, so please make sure the file is what you want before purchasing, and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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