How To Overcome Fear and Achieve Your Goals- Brit Hutchings Creative

How To Overcome Fear and Achieve Your Goals

How To Overcome Fear and Achieve Your Goals- Brit Hutchings Creative

Fears are common, but how you respond to them will determine whether or not you realize your full potential. If you don't confront your concerns, they will prevent you from achieving your goals. Let's talk about what fear is and how to get over it so you can achieve your goals.

Consider your main objective. Why haven't you done it already? The simple solution is fear if you're like the majority of people. Fear is the barrier preventing you from pursuing your goals. Fear may distract us and lead us to find justifications, but it doesn't have to. Learning to face your fears is one of the most liberating activities you can do. Thinking up reasons for why you haven't accomplished what you are capable of and acting as though fear isn't impacting you are both simple. Use fear as a prompt to action rather than as an excuse, and avoid running away from it. Consider your aim. If you let fear stop you from reaching it, you've already given in.

Fear of failure, dread of uncertainty, and other frequent worries all have the same source: the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You can learn how to overcome fear and get closer to the life you want by following these six steps.

1. Identify your Fears

Learning to overcome fear is similar to solving any difficulty. You must first recognize the obstacle before you can get past it. What exactly are you terrified of? During a few minutes, sit quietly and pay attention to your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. Put down your thoughts, being as detailed as you can. To become more aware of your motivations, take up a daily mindfulness meditation practice. You'll feel ready to face your worries as you settle into your focus.

2. Create an Action Plan

Take one small step at a time while you face your worries. When you're not ready, moving too quickly or undertaking anything terrifying can backfire. Yet continuing to advance is as crucial. It's acceptable to feel a little anxious. Before moving on, don't wait for your anxiety to go away; if you do, you risk waiting for a change that won't arrive on its own.

3. Set Goals that are Must

Goals we establish for ourselves that are uninspired or illusive frequently hinder our ability to overcome anxiety. To change this, consider what your desired and deserving life would entail. Do you actively work toward it, or is it merely a "someday, maybe" plan? Is it something you can accomplish and are ready to commit to? Determining whether or not you're setting a compelling objective is the first step in conquering fear. Will you feel satisfied if you succeed at this? In contrast, will you be lost if you fail to do this? Focus on your objective more. What do you want to happen? Is it an increase in money in the bank or financial growth? Perhaps you long for the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you like.

Think about how your life will change if you don't get this result and contrast it with how your life will change if you do. When you believe that achieving your objective is crucial, the fear of giving up overwhelms the fear of failing, and you are motivated to take action.

4. Adopt a Growth Mindset

When you're scared, you usually stay put. What if you miscalculate? Suppose you fail. You begin to think that you are incapable of moving forward at all; fear prevents you from doing so. Developing a growth mindset is one of the most effective strategies for overcoming fear. It's not about reaching your objectives and being flawless at every turn. Stop aiming for perfection; nobody is ever flawless all the time. The cornerstone of a growth mentality is being at ease with what you don't know and moving on nevertheless.

5. Visualize your Goals

You've put in the mental effort to pinpoint the actual causes of your self-imposed limitations and to list your top priorities. But in order for these habits to result in actual action, you must consistently exercise them in order to overcome fear. Visualizing your goals helps you focus, and focus attracts energy. It can be accomplished by imagery training, meditation, or priming. The most crucial thing is to totally commit to your objective and visualize success. You'll train your brain to think that everything is possible, which is an important first step in overcoming fear.

6. Accept that You’ll Fail

What is the most common worry that prevents people from achieving their objectives? they'll fall short. Failure, however, can also teach us. Actually, failure frequently serves as a stronger teacher than triumph. You'll be less fearful of failure if you recognize that it is an inherent component of success from the start. You can acquire important lessons from failure that can help you make better decisions about your future tactics.

Everyone blunders. owners of prosperous businesses. global leaders. renowned cooks. doctors, scientists, and artists. Our culture avoids discussing failure and instead emphasizes triumphs, giving the erroneous idea that you must never fail in order to be truly successful.

Recognizing that everyone on the earth, including those you know and like, has experienced failure on their journey to success is a necessary step in conquering fear. You'll be able to embrace the risk of failing and move on more quickly once you know that your fear of failure is keeping you from deciding to pursue your aspirations.


Key Takeaways

The greatest approach to overcome a fear is to confront it head-on, but it's important to do so in a healthy way that aids in your recovery rather than traumatizes you. If you're having trouble doing it on your own, a mental health expert can help you gradually face your fears while also addressing the cognitive patterns that are keeping you trapped. Face your fears and take small progress every day. 

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Love all your ideas. Anxiety is no joke.


Great advice!

Cassandra Stinger

Once you overcome your fear you realise it wasn’t as difficult as you thought it was going to be!

Melanie O'Brien

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