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5 Best AI Meeting Assistant You Should Use

AI-based meeting assistant apps are incredibly helpful outside of meetings. They also significantly aid in the automation of the post-meeting process. Artificial intelligence may be helpful to you at every online meeting you participate in. You'll need to employ some powerful AI-powered meeting assistant technology for that.

In the same way, you invite other attendees to a virtual meeting, AI assistants can also be welcomed. Conversation recording, data indexing, and job management are the three main categories in which they are frequently used. The assistant can assign duties for each decision you make in a meeting.

Administrative tasks we typically need to complete during or after a meeting can be automated by an AI meeting assistant. This has significant benefits for business owners and managers. To evaluate which intelligent meeting aides are best for you and your business, we'll examine 5 of them.

1. Sembly

An AI-driven online meeting helper called Sembly is free. It converts meeting talks into searchable text and analyzes operational meeting data to provide you with insights that can be put into practice. This app highlights important information from the meeting transcripts. By extracting the activities, concerns, and demands stated in the meeting, it also generates meeting notes. The meeting transcriptions can be searched, edited, and shared without difficulty.

In addition, Sembly learns your voice, your vocabulary, and how to respond to your requests. Sembly doesn't even require downloading in order to use it. You may either invite it through email or a meeting link, or you can sync the app with your calendar, to join the meeting.

2. Fireflies

This tool enables you to search across action items to evaluate a meeting, can also help you save time. Upload the audio file to Fireflies dashboard if it already exists for immediate transcription. You may quickly connect this product with Zapier or dialers to process calls and audio. Users can now record meetings straight from their browsers using the software's Chrome extension. In addition, you can highlight important parts of the conference or make comments. By using this app to browse through action items from a meeting, you may also save time.

3. Avoma

If you want to increase the effectiveness of meetings, you should utilize the Avoma app. Features of this free meeting lifecycle assistance are available for use before, during, and following the meeting.

The following video conferencing platforms are supported: Zoom, UberConference, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, and Lifesize. With the AI notes and transcription features for audio and video meetings, you can concentrate on the conversation. Your interactions consequently turn into a searchable knowledge base for the business.

Avoma gives data on conversation time and the talk-to-listen ratio of each participant in addition to automatically recognizing the speakers, which you can use to evaluate staff productivity. You can take notes with this tool in real time and edit them along with your team mates. The meeting recording is linked to the time-stamped notes.

4. Notiv

A collaborative note-taking tool called Notiv can record, summarize, and write up online meetings. The time a team spends taking notes during meetings is decreased thanks to this free program. It consequently enhances business results. Calendars from Google or Office are automatically synced with this software. No matter the platform, it remembers every meeting you have planned. Also, it offers a live transcription of the meeting.

Additionally, it uses AI technology to produce tasks and action items for each conference participant with speaker ID. Your meetings now exist as searchable papers that you may access whenever you want to learn more about the context of a particular choice. Among other virtual conference options, this program is compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, x.ai, and Slack.

5. Otter


5 Best AI Meeting Assistant You Should Use- brit hutchings creative


Are you still taking notes during meetings? Change to Otter. In fact, it is a free AI assistant that will write meeting minutes for you. Also, you can use this tool to take notes during interviews and presentations. It enhances team communication and production with its cutting-edge features. Automatically joining online meetings, the software records conversations and shares them with other attendees. Also, a live stream of the recorded meeting's transcript is available. Also, you may play, search, edit, organize, and share the recordings using any device.

Increase the playback speed when listening to a lengthy recording to save time. You can browse all instances of a summary term or perform a search across the meeting notes using it. Otter supports Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.


Key Takeaways

As you can see from the discussion above, these AI meeting assistant apps help streamline an organization's meeting-related responsibilities. These technologies can automate a variety of manual chores, freeing up your employees to work on more crucial projects.

Any of the above tools are available for you to use at a meeting. AI-powered productivity apps can be used to automate other workflows.

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